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every girl deserves to be treated like a princess specially when she and her man goes out for a date... -smile-

Girls loves surprises and gifts and of course, CHEESY FUN!! boys too, loves to be treated like a woman sometimes.., ung tipong sinosurpresa dn at pinagsisilbihan specially in special occasions or even on ordinary days..

so papano niyo b ang isang perfect na date para sau?? or ano bng klaseng date ang gusto mo??

share share pag may time.. -smile-

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Starring at her eyes from far away finally came into an end. I needed not to hide in silence anymore.A kind of lecture was about to made.That time, it wasn't about granitic rocks nor cliff formations, those lectures in Geology she used to dramatically taught in class. I stayed that cloudy afternoon while all of my classmates already went home.A simple question of mine on religion started everything. The darkness of night seemed to be an obstacle of our long, unending conversation. We had a cup of coffee near the end of Session Road. Never in my entire life had I encountered such a woman. She was so attached that she even disclosed a story about her. The night became deeper, deeper so as our premature feelings. We changed one venue to another. Sometimes we were like homeless scavengers, sometimes we were like very important persons. She gave me her hand. I didn't touch any part of it. It was a big deal for her. We watched the waves of a shallow water. We didn't stop.I have to cut it here. The next day, I began giving her my heart, my everything. My best dates are the dates where I can find the sweetest meanings in basically random events.
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wala akong dream date makasama ko lang siya ok na.. -wink-
Date na yun para sakin kahit kain lang kami fishbol, ok na basta siya ang kasama masaya na ako. -wink-
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nkakantok bsahin mga rply matutulog mna ko -crazy-
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