Mobile Basic Acronyms
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1G- Analog Phones

2G- Digital Phones

3G- 3rd Generation (Digital Camera Phones)

ADSP- Advanced Digital Signal Processor

APE- Application Processor Engine

API- Application Programmers Interface

APN- Access Point Name

ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASIC- Application Special Integrated Circuit

BB5- Base Band Five

BSI- Battery Size Indicator

BTS- Base Transceiver Station

CA- Certificate Authority

CCONT- Current Controller (Power IC)

CDC- Connected Device Configuration

CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access

CDPD- Cellular Digital Packet Data

CLDC- Connected Limited Device Configuration

CCP- Compact Camera Port Telephone

COBBA- Common Base Band Analog (Audio IC)

CSD- Circuit Switched Data

CSS- Cascading Style Sheet

CSTN- Color Super Twist Nematic (LCD technology)

DNS- Domain Name Server

DRM- Digital Rights Management

EDGE- Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

EEPROM- Electronically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory

EMS- Enhanced Messaging Service

ESD- Electro Static Discharge

FAID- Flash Authority Identification

FIA- Flash Identification Address

GDFS- Global Data File System

GPRS- Global Packet Radio Service

GPS- Global Positioning System

GSM- Global Standard for Mobile

HSCSD- High Speed Circuit Switched Data

HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


iHTML- HTML for mobile (a subset of HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 supporting 256 colours)

IM- Instant Messenger

IMEI- International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMSI- International Mobile Subscriber Identity

IP- Internet Protocol

IPv4- Internet Protocol versie 4 (Defines a 32-bit address)

IPv6- Internet Protocol versie 6 (Defines a 128-bit address)

ISD- International System of Dialing

ISO- International Organization for Standardization

J2EE- Java 2 Enterprise Edition

J2ME- Java 2 Micro Edition

J2ME- Java 2 Micro Edition

J2SE- Java 2 Standard Edition

JAAS- Java Authentication and Authorization Service

JAM- Java Application Manager

JRE- Java Runtime Environment

JSR- Java Specification Request

JVM- Java Virtual Machine

LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

MCC- Manufacturer's Country Code

MCU- Microprocessor Component Unit

MIDP- Mobile Information Device Profile

MIME- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MMC- Multimedia Card

MMS- Multimedia Messaging Service

MTSO- Mobile Telephone Switching Office

NSE- Nokia Service Equipment

NSU- Nokia Software Updater

NSS- Nemesis Service Suite

NTC- National Telecommunication Commission

NWD- Nation Wide Dialing

OS- Operating System

OTA- Over The Air

PDA- Personal Digital Assistant

PIN- Personal Identification Number

PM- Permanent Memory

PPM- Post Programming Memory (Language Package)

PTT- Push To Talk

PUK- PIN Unblocking Key

RAM- Random Access Memory

ROM- Read Only Memory

SAR- Specific Absorption Rate

SD (Micro)- Micro Secured Digital

SFR- Set Factory Restore

SFS- Special Factory Set

SIM- Subscriber Identity Module

SMS- Short Message Service

SSL- Secure Socket Layer

TCP- Transmission Control Protocol

TFT- Thin Film Transistor (LCD technology)

UEM- Universal Equipment Mobile

UIIC- User Interface Integrated Circuit

UPP- Universal Phone Processor

UMTS- Universal Mobile Telephone System

URL- Uniform Resource Locator

USB- Universal Serial Bus

VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol

WAP- Wireless Application Protocol

WCDMA- Wide-Band Coded Division Multiple Access

WiMax- Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WML- Wireless Markup Language

WSP- Wireless Session Protocol

WWW- World Wide Web

XHTML- Extended HTML

XML- Extended Markup Language
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